Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The One Where He (finally) Buys a Bike

I've been saying it since last summer, but today I finally purchased a bike. Fresh from a fun-filled weekend in Boston, I arrived back in Philly today bright and early and went out to find a bike. I went five blocks down to this amazingly-hipster-filled bike shop that had hordes of bikes of all shapes and sizes. After taking one for a test drive around the neighborhood, I settled on this lovely piece of metal:

(note the Where's Waldo dog in the background)

Thinking of naming my bike 'Jeremiah' - thoughts?

However, I did not purchase a helmet, and riding in Philly seems to really require it. Nevertheless, hours after my long-awaited purchase I took the bike out for a spin around West Philly. At first I was really nervous, because I had never really ridden a "bend over bike" as I like to call them. But after a few minutes and a couple of backpack adjustments, I was off riding beside traffic and feeling comfortable (even sans helmet). Aside from a (now) sore butt and a baby blister on my palm, all went well!

I wasn't really sure where my destination would be, but I headed down to the river, and on my way passed the UPenn Museum of Archaeology - a location I've been meaning to visit also since the summer. Admission is free for Penn students so I locked up the bike and took a personal stroll around the museum. 

What I found inside was completely amazing! Not only was the museum gorgeously decorated, but the whole place maybe had about ten guests roaming around, leaving full wings of the museum empty to all but me! It was so relaxing to stroll around the museum at my own pace, hear nothing but the silence, and take in the artifacts. The museum had an immense collection of Egyptian artifacts, mummies, and architecture that piqued my interest, as well as some of the usual suspects from the Ancient Roman and Greek worlds. But again, the best part was the ability to be alone in the museum browsing the objects in complete and relaxing silence.

(completely, utterly, empty)

It was a bit eerie at times, especially in the mummy room. I recall standing above a glass case of this curled up little mummy, all alone, and in complete silence. My mind instantly thought 'what if this mummy moved!?' I felt as though I were in a scene from some horror/sci-fi movie. Of course, in the end (sadly) the mummy remained still.

Aside from being a rather productive day, it was also relaxing. Back to work tomorrow, sadly, but there are only fifteen school days left until it's all over, and my first year of teaching is behind me! 

I'm excited to see where my bike and I will visit next!

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