Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Hide ya Kids, Hide ya Wife"

Seriously. Hide your kids if you're poor and living in China!

Correspondents say the one-child policy is not always strictly enforced and the worst that violators normally expect is a fine. However, Caixin reported that when some families in poorer parts of Hunan were unable to pay their fines, authorities would tear down their houses. Then - about 10 years ago - officials started confiscating their children, it is claimed. (Chinese babies 'confiscated for overseas adoption')

As this article mentions, local governments have been cracking down on the one-child policy in the past decade, and there are reports of government agencies confiscating children, sending them to orphanages, and then the children become adopted by families in the United States and countries around Europe.

Just another example of how the poor are continuously trampled on in modern China, and that China is still far from achieving a strong record of human rights.

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