Thursday, June 9, 2011

Broken like Shattered Glass

Overnight my whole life has come tumbling down. Teach for America let me down and as such, my coursework will go unfinished and there is no longer any reason or ties to keep me in Philadelphia. As such, I am moving back to the Boston area this July/August and I am desperately scrambling right now to find a place to move into for August 1st in the Boston area.

The whole story is just so convoluted and upsetting, but to make the long story short: Teach for America fucked me over as they have to many other corps members in our region. While I'm upset with the decision, part of me feels relieved to be free of TFA and about to embark on my epic return to Boston to live and work. However, the injustices of Teach for America will not go unnoticed and I am working on filing grievances, looking into possible legal action, and hoping to reach out to the media about what occurred and is occurring to corps members in this region. Thankfully we have some awesome corps members who are looking out for the backs of those who find themselves in the cross-hairs of TFA Philadelphia (as I have just been found).

I went from having a lot of support around me to none overnight. I don't think I will ever feel my life as fucked up as it is right now, and it's all thanks to Teach for America. No job, no prospects, and no coursework because of their unprofessionalism and having strung me along.

This will not be forgotten.

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