Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dancing Queen

Last night I took my first step into a much larger world: that of going out alone! It was a bit awkward but overall, not bad. When I first got to the bar/club that I was going to, it was still a little early and there weren't enough people dancing for me to blend in. Therefore I resulted in hanging around the bar pretending I was waiting for someone. I think I have the "fake wait" down: I kept checking my phone, then I would hold my head high and scan the entrance for my "friend", and then I would check the time and angrily shake my head mouthing the words "hurry up" as I sat there. I'm a loser.

But once the dance floor started poppin' I found myself a little spot on it and started to dance, and after a while, there were so many people dancing that no one could know who anyone was with. And there was this one girl with a blinking crown that was so off the wall that she was running throughout the dance floor dancing with everyone. She was quite amusing. While dancing (drunk dancing) I kept channeling my inner-Effy (from Skins UK). I kept imagining scenes of her dancing without care while drunk/on drugs in the TV show and since I was drunk enough, it was easy to forget where I was, rock out, and enjoy myself. I think I danced for about two hours - so it was worth the $50+ I spent on cover/drinks/cab (or was it?).

And now I have the wondrous "day after drinking" shakes, meaning it's time to go eat something because I haven't had a substantial amount of food since Friday night. Ah the joy of living alone/not having a lot of money - easy diet!

I leave you with a song to dance to:

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