Thursday, June 2, 2011

Extreme Weather

It's times like last night when I wish I were living back in the Bay State. As you may have heard, a tornado touched down in multiple regions of Massachusetts last night, most notably Springfield, Massachusetts' third largest city. One of my best friends was working in that city when the tornado hit. Luckily he was safe but the building he works in lost some windows and his car got hit by a tree. Tornadoes are not common in Massachusetts at all.

In Boston, the lightning storm that hit was also extreme. My friend there told me that lightning was flashing over seventy times each minute! It was a continuous light show of one flash after the other. Check out this video to see some of the lightning up close.

Sadly, the weather report in Philadelphia for yesterday had originally included lightning storms - possibly the same which hit Massachusetts - but instead we got some lovely humidity and sunshine. Thankfully I woke up today to a crisp day. The humidity left overnight, and I don't know where it went but I hope it doesn't come back for a white.

All of this makes me a little nervous. What is causing this extreme weather to occur in areas of the country where these types of events are uncommon? While this disaster is still quite minimal, I can't help but worry about other recent events (Japanese tsunami, Haitian earthquake, among others) which are equally as extreme.

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