Monday, June 13, 2011

Raging Inferno Party

I was watching an episode of 5AwesomeGays today (see below post) and the video game "The Sims" was mentioned, particularly about some of the various ways that a Sim could die. I recall the many ways that I used to treat my Sims and the nostalgia made me really miss that old game (the originals - not all this new Sims nonsense).

Example 1: In my Sim town I always wanted there to be a giant, haunted mansion. If you ever played the Sims, perhaps you will recall that when a Sim dies, you can turn their ashes into a gravestone when placed outdoors. Late at night, sometimes a Sim ghost would wander the ground of the house and walk about the graveyard. I always aspired to attain this, and it was no easy feat!

To do so I would make an eight person family and move them into the plot of land where the mansion would later be built. I would build a small shack with only one door and no windows. Inside would be six fireplaces with wooden furniture placed all around the room. I would start out by having all the Sims walk into the shack, and then delete the door - they were trapped! Then I would have one of the older Sims light all the fires. Eventually some of the wooden chairs would catch fire and the fire would spread around the room. Within a few minutes the fire would trap a few of the Sims and they would burn in the flames. If a Sim is on fire, you can elect to have another Sim try and put it out, but I didn't do that. Finally the Grim Reaper would come and the Sim would be ripe to be turned into a gravestone!

Once I had a whole graveyard complete, I would move a new family into the plot, build the mansion, and await the ghosts at midnight.

Example 2: A giant Sims party.

In the Sims House Party, you could throw insane bashes and if you were lucky, Drew Carey (I know, how random!) would show up to you place in a limo. But the best part was to have a dance floor surrounded by dancing cages. I would always through a party, use the costume chest to evoke a theme (say, luau) and then throw on the music and watch the Sims dance in the cages. It was pretty PG-13 over at my place.

Example 3: Love bed.

I would always through a love bed out in the middle of the yard and see what sort of Sims would go to town in front of everyone. It was always the shy Sims who would let loose and romp in the sack while a party was raging around them. Typical.

Oh, the Sims...

Basically a random, hopefully humorous post to brighten the mood. Tomorrow I have my TFA grievance meeting to discuss what went on last week. It's not until eight o'clock so I'll be feeling the dread throughout the entire day. I have to evoke positivity to the max tomorrow - here goes nothing!

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