Saturday, June 11, 2011

Inspirational ... GUYS!?

It all started about two weeks ago. My friend from UMass tweeted something that I can't even remember right now, but in his tweet he briefly mentioned something about "the 5AwesomeGays" and how amazing they were. But what were they? I thought to myself. I followed a link he posted and found myself on a YouTube Channel. The channel had recently ended (sadly) but the 5AwesomeGays had been vlogging on it for the past three years. It consists of five guys (who changed around a few times) who posted videos every M-F consisting of their opinions, challenges to one another, and questions of the week.

Aside from being funny, witty, and inspirational in many ways, these guys are very relatable and around my age. It sounds very stupid to say, but they've been helping me get through some of these intense days I've been going through, what with TFA fucking me over, the insane humidity and heat of Philadelphia summer, and the school year ending. They have over 800 videos from the three years of their show, and I've happily watched their whole first year.

I highly recommend their YouTube channel to all. And if 5AwesomeGays is not your thing, there are other channels similar to them (5AwesomeGuys, Girls, Midwesterners, etc.) so you can find something you like within this premise.

Go forth, young one:
5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays
5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays
5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays 5AwesomeGays

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