Friday, June 24, 2011

Thanks for the Memories

A year has come and gone so quickly. I feel as though last week were August 1st, 2010 and I just moved into my apartment in Philly. My apartment was a home in the making, and it really was a year-long process to make it comfortable and looking great. I remember that first month where I had no bed, no desk, and ate PB&J sandwiches for nearly every meal. But even though I had no food and an air mattress for my bed, I still had cable to keep me company.

In mid-September, a small hole sprung up in the air mattress and that prompted me to run to IKEA and finally purchase a bed. With that bed the apartment began to quickly materialize, and new additions (mostly from IKEA) made my place more inviting and someplace that I would look forward to come home to after work.

And now, today marks my last day living in this apartment. I'm not moving out tomorrow, but I will be returning to Boston for the summer. I'll make my way back to Philly in late-July to clean out and pack up my apartment, and then move all of my things back to Boston for my July 31st move-out date. But today is the last day where I will remain in my apartment fully furnished and decorated.

See everyone in Boston :)

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