Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Changing Directions

This Fourth of July weekend has proved to be a very thoughtful time for me. Drinking, eating, and fireworks aside, I was able to discuss and self-reflect on some of my plans for the future. With my abrupt end with Teach for America, I've been faced with determining my career path earlier than planned.

I've figured that I'm not throwing teaching out the window. I've completed half a Master's in Education, and I'm going to see to it that it's carried out to completion at a school here in Boston. A Master's in Education will allow me to continue teaching as a career path while I work to finance my further studies and research on the path to becoming a full-fledged historian/professor. I'll teach while working on my PhD in the coming years, and then hopefully perform research and attain tenure as a professor someday.

The academic/professor lifestyle really attracts me. For one thing, I love writing and performing research, and if I'm able to do that for a living while focusing on topics and research that appeals to me, even better. While the road to a PhD is long, expensive, and trying, and the payout of a historian and professor can often be poor, I believe this is the path I'm destined to take. After working closely senior year of college on my thesis with my favorite professor, I became attracted to the academic career path. She's able to perform research on topics of her choosing, attend and display findings at conferences, and even travel to complete research. Add lecturing and teaching seminar courses at the collegiate level to that, and it seems like a very ideal job in my opinion.

This Teach for America fork in the road is just that: a small hurdle to climb over to moving forward. It in no way ever steered me off my path, and in the end, I'll have more experience to bolster my qualifications.

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