Friday, July 8, 2011

History in the Making

First, to start: the spot I had removed was not cancer :)

Moving on, today is a historic day in the making. In America, today marked the final space shuttle launch in the history of America's space program. The shuttle Atlantis launched successfully this morning bringing supplies to the Space Station and ending an era of space travel. I'm eager to see what innovations NASA will have in store for the future. Sadly I myself did not get to witness the launch live because I met my friend in town for lunch, although I was streaming NASA TV for much of the pre-launch system checks this morning.

Second, this evening at midnight (East African time) South Sudan officially became the newest member of the world community, gaining its independence from Sudan. While the creation has been nearly six years in the making, it wasn't without bloodshed and turmoil that brought South Sudan into existence. Furthermore, South Sudan has long strides to make, and is hailed as the "least developed country" in the world. South Sudan faces creating a sound Constitution, building infrastructure, and lowering infant mortality rates, while improving clean drinking water, education, and rights for its citizens. The eyes of the world are on you, South Sudan - you can do it :)

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