Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Enough about me - I'm tired of talking and harping over my life and the changes sweeping it. Back to the news, world developments, and stories. And no, I will not be discussing Casey Anthony, because until this afternoon I had never even heard of her before, and I don't agree with showcasing her trials and tribulations (literally). It's only a matter of time before our media-starved outlets grab her story, interview the hell out of her, and then turn her story into a grief-stricken Lifetime film.

Instead, I bring you this news article from the BBC explaining how one Indian state is going to extremes to curb population growth. The health officials in this one state are giving out prizes, such as cars, to citizens who sign up to be sterilized. It says that they expect over 20,000 people to sign up and contribute to limiting India's growing population - which is set to surpass China by 2030.

While I think the prize aspect is a bit gaudy, I think it provides a needed incentive for those wishing to (in my eyes) perform a public duty - which is upholding and protecting the future of their state. Population growth is a  pressing issue and seeing that the world as a whole already fails to feed all of the mouths that we have today, I can only imagine how difficult that task will be in the future. Furthermore, it is the duty of nations such as China and India (which together hold about one-fourth of the world's population) to gain control of their populations. China already fails to feed and care for it's 1.6 billion people and Chinese society has been showing a great divide between rich and poor.

On the flip side, I can see that it is a big choice for people to make, to give up producing offspring and someday having a family, but that is not always the dream of every person. And as long as sterilization remains a personal choice, I believe it's a non-issue.

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