Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Harry Potter Chronicle

Friday marked the end of my Harry Potter journey, all the way from my childhood years to the present. From seven books to seven movies. From book release parties to opening day movie celebrations. Yes, Harry Potter may be a fictional story created by a brilliant author that many may see as juvenile, but Harry Potter is no different from any of the other amazing stories or television shows that our generation grew up with and continue to enjoy as adults.

(Note Legacy of the Force in the background)

I can still remember how I got into the Harry Potter series. It was the beginning of sixth grade and the Sorcerer's Stone had made it's way to America. This was before there was any hype or prospect of an amazing series behind the sole book. The Winthrop Public Library had received a copy (just one) of the book and the librarian, who I was best friends with at the time, recommended I read it - she had just finished it and thought it was an amazing book. So I brought the book to school to read for our silent reading period at the end of the day and instantly began to fall in love with the characters and the premise.

When the time of the second book was released I was right at Barnes and Nobles buying a copy and reading the book within a day. By the fourth book's release, book stores were getting into the Harry Potter hype and holding midnight release parties. The first such party I attended was for the release of the fourth book (or maybe the fifth?) and I went to the Barnes and Nobles with my friends, and had fun with some themed activities. However, I remember we were too lazy to wait in line and by midnight we just ran across the highway to Stop and Shop and bought a copy there (no lines). 

When the movies began to get released when I was a freshman in high school, I have to admit I wasn't very interested in them. I hadn't seen the first movie until a few months after it came out, and to this day I've only seen Sorcerer's Stone once. However, thankfully the movies only got better over time and I found myself seeing most of them on opening day. I recall seeing the Chamber of Secrets with one of my best friends: we couldn't get into the screening because it was sold out, so we bought tickets to this horror movie that was playing and snuck into Harry Potter. The only seats we could find together were the first two seats of the very front row of the movie. The whole time I was nervous someone would ask for our ticket and kick us out.

For the final book I went with my friends to the Harry Potter celebration in Harvard Square, a night or two before my departure from America for China. Although I didn't dress up (and went with people who did), I enjoyed myself and the festivities and it was a very fun night. I didn't have time to wait for the book at midnight, but I did manage to get a copy the following day. 

And now the final movie is out, and I have to admit that this movie was amazing. The final battles were portrayed exactly as I had imagined them as I read the book. I went to see the movie by myself on Friday - because I couldn't wait until my friend would go with me this coming week - and I have to say, seeing it alone was a great way to end the series and take it all in. Years in the making, and it's finally come to it's conclusion. 

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