Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Return of the Resident

Lori posted some great videos this week dealing with the "financial crisis" which is receiving too much attention in America. Since, as always, I agree with her opinions on the matter, I'm going to simply post her videos in the hopes that you would rather hear her than read my rants :)

In this first video Lori discusses the idea of a flat-rate tax in America and the sillyness behind this whole raising the "debt ceiling" debacle. I think she says it best that politics has strayed far from issues and is simply a tug-of-war between two ideal-less teams.

In this second video Lori discusses her theory of why Americans are so withdrawn to the idea of raising taxes for the super rich (who encompass only 2% of Americans). Her idea is that everyone has a notion that they themselves will one day fall into that category, and that our media and culture teaches us that being rich is a right and an obtainable end goal for life.

Here more from TheResident!

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