Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shmeat Wave

I'm pretty sick of everyone on my Twitter and Facebook posting pictures of thermometers and weather reports showing the heat wave we're living in. Unless I'm living under a rock in the ocean (Patrick the Starfish) I'm well aware of how fucking hot it is outside. When I walk outside, I don't need to know it's over a hundred degrees - either way I'm still going to feel like someone's smothering me with a blanket. The only upside to this heat wave is that I'm in Philadelphia packing everything for the big move tomorrow and my apartment luckily has central air, and while it doesn't seem to want to go past seventy-five, it's a big improvement from outdoors.

I thought a teeny bit of me would miss my apartment or Philadelphia, but that idea was instantly shattered the minute I got off the bus. I barely turned my key in the door Thursday night before a mammoth bug ran from the middle of the living room into a small hole in the wall (and he later reappeared in the bathroom). I had forgotten how miserable this city is in the summer, and how the humidity seems to press down upon you when you're outside.

On that front, I splurged and paid for some movers for tomorrow because there is just no way I'm going to be able to carry boxes down a flight of stairs to the truck. Add the heat to that and I would pass out on the sidewalk before even a single box was loaded. Hopefully it will be the best money I'll spend.

Packing has been rather exciting. As much of a pack-rat as I am, it felt good to go through everything and I tossed out a shit ton of things that I knew I would never wear/look at again. In the words of Tyler Oakley in one of his 5AG videos: "If you have to think about it, get rid of it." I threw out an old notebook from high school (why was I holding on to this?), lots of clothes that I had never even worn but I knew I'd never touch, and lots of papers and readings I would never look at if I took them with me. However, through it all I did find some great letters my friends had sent me while I was in China years ago, some mementos from my travels, and things I hadn't realized I brought with me.

So long Philly, you won't be missed.

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