Monday, August 29, 2011

Bach to the Future

Simply another reason why Bachmann cannot become president:

Furthermore, aside from some downed trees and power outages in the area, the hurricane in Massachusetts was minimal at best. Once again the media hyped it up, people were freaked, and nothing came of it. Damn - I spent so much time preparing my bath tub with clean water, emptying my bank account, and collecting all my important documents. Not to mention, I had to hand crank my back up generator for two hours...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rock Me, Irene

Apparently everyone in MASSACHUSETTS is getting up in arms over Hurricane Irene. The media is making it sound like the end of days is fast approaching and that we should all run to our local supermarkets and stock up for the worst. I mean, I can recall some hurricanes that have made it up to Massachusetts before in my lifetime, and yes, the storm waves and rain amounts were large, but it was never as bad as the media made it out to be. And I'm CERTAIN, mark my words, that it will be the same this time around.

Yes there will be rain, strong winds, and probably coastal flooding, but that's expected with any large storm coming into the area. My prediction is that either Irene will severely weaken before it gets up to New England, or else it will veer towards land somewhere up along the east coast and that will also weaken its impact on the northeast. Either way, it won't be as strong as the meteorologists predict. Lest we all remember those "accurate" forecasts every winter of those "terrible blizzards" coming our way, and then you wake up in the morning and there's either NO SNOW or a dusting on the street?

You can't frighten me, weathermen and media alike! I won't buy into this Irene nonsense!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tumbling or Not?

Some days I want to just crack and create a Tumblr account so I can easily reblog things that I find funny, pertinent, and intelligent on other blogs without having to go through the hassle of making a new blog post here about it. Tyler Oakley reblogged this blurb from Judge Judy's interview with Larry King:

“We’ve got a lot of trouble in this country. We’ve got a lot of trouble in the world. Why the states should be interested in prescribing the word marriage from two people who love each other, who are responsible, tax-paying, productive people, who have created a family— sometimes two people, sometimes two people and children. Why the state would have an interest is prescribing that kind of conduct, I don’t understand. I understand the anger about poverty, I understand the anger about AIG, I understand the problem about banks, I understand the problem about Afghanistan and the Taliban, and everything else, but I don’t understand the preoccupation with gays being permitted to marry.”

Two of my best friends and I were lying in my bed Friday night after having gone out and we were discussing this very topic. I completely agree that it's downright ridiculous that our nation is crumbling around us, and yet Republicans and normal citizens alike worry more about SOMEONE ELSE'S RIGHT TO MARRY than they do about the economy, the financial woes, and the poverty that plagues our nation. Forget the achievement gap that I witnessed this past year teaching. Forget the rampant poverty affecting millions of minority groups in America. Let's focus on whether or not gays can marry or serve in the army - that seems like the most pertinent issue today.

Love my girl, Judy!

Watch the full video here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wait, I'm Supposed to Work?

I forgot that the rest of the world wakes up and gets on its feet significantly earlier than I do. Lately my bedtime has creeped farther from midnight while my wake-up time has slipped closer to noon. Granted, in my defense last year while teaching I would fall asleep around eight o'clock at night and often woke up before six. But now while I am slumbering away in my beauty sleep, I forgot that the worker bees are abuzz with bizz-ness.

This was pointed out to me this morning as I made a non-so secret pass of papers with my friend. I have a job interview today but I had no spare resumes (or a printer), so I asked my friend who lives nearby to print me out some copies and I would meet her on the subway as she went to work and we'd perform a hand-off. That was all fine in my head, until my alarm went off at 8 o'clock after having went to bed around three.

The second I left my house I saw people filing down the street headed to the subway station. Most were dressed in their worker clothes and consumed with their iPod. Even Porter Square station was buzzing with activity! There were newspaper vendors I had not seen before offering me papers, and even a police detail complete with a dog and table to check the bags of random riders. Typically when I peruse down there in the mid-afternoon all I get are grumpy stares from the lone T-worker on duty.

After making the pass-off and trudging back up the ten-story escalator to the surface, I realized my flip flops, gym shorts (when I wasn't planning on going to the gym), and t-shirt stood out like a sore thumb against all of the "biz-casual" types around me. And then on my walk back to my place I ran into two friends who reminded me that not everyone has the luxury to be a bum all day like me. And after getting back home and not being able to fall back asleep, I decided all I could do was write a boring blog entry about my already-exciting morning!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Working on My Fitness

This past week I did something I never thought I would resort to: I subscribed to a year-long gym membership. Albeit the membership fee was relatively cheap, but I still don't see how I'm going to schlep myself there on a regular basis without forcing myself into some sort of fitness regime which would make it so that my OCD mind couldn't NOT go each day.

Thursday was my first day "scoping" out the gym. I went with my friend (who also got a membership with me), but he quickly found ways to occupy his time and fitness while I fluttered around. My first stop was the cycling machine, where I sat peddling uphill for ten minutes while awkwardly trying to get the TV on the machine to turn on (with no luck). The cycling machines are in the front of a few rows of treadmills, and I felt as though all the runners were watching me and judging - even though the signs plastered everywhere say it is a "judgement free zone!" I awkwardly got off and then headed into the back of the pack.

On the treadmill I found my niche. Of course, I hate running. So, I plugged in a moderately-paced uphill course for myself on a ten minute timer and set off speed-walking through half an episode of Wheel of Fortune, yelling out jeers at the ridiculously stupid contestants and calling out letters, forgetting I was in a public space. I ended up taking two spins on the treadmill, with a weight lifting sesh in between. The second bout on the treadmill ensued in even more boisterous behavior. Seinfeld was on at the point and I was cracking up as I speed-walked between two sweating runners. No judgement.

The weight machines were the real icing on my cake. I sat at numerous machines awkwardly reading the "how to" descriptions and trying to hold the bars and handles the correct way. Clearly my year-long stint in high school PE class didn't teach me anything...had I paid attention in the weight room. I finally got the hang of some of the upper body machines (the only ones I'm really interested in - see photos of my chicken arms for reasons why) and gritted through some reps. Wow, nice word usage (THANKS!). I did some curls, shoulder presses, and other tricep things that left me sore and cranky. Of course I was lifting no more than ten pounds at a time, and taking long breaks between reps.

So, the million dollar question: when am I going to head back?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You've Probably Seen This, But...

Watch it again. She cannot move any closer towards the presidency:

A constitutional ban against same-sex marriage? Not only is that disgusting and stomping on human rights for American citizens, it is also going above the choices set by certain states. It would be a truly sad and miserable day if it ever came to that in this country.

And my question is, how has Bachmann moved so far through life without a gay best friend?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Moving Bach-wards

One step forwards, two to three steps back for America. It seems that the game of politics is beginning to tear this nation apart. This was more than evident two weeks ago when the government failed to compromise on the debt issue until seconds before the deadline, causing global stocks to plunge, and lowering the credit rating of America. And the root of all that drama? Why, bipartisan arguing and both sides refusing to budge or compromise while going against the wants and needs of the very people they represent. I'm sure George Washington and our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves right now at how these "political parties" are dividing our nation.

What disgusts me more than that debacle last week is Michele Bachmann, who is quickly gaining influence. Her comments on family values and equal rights is appalling, and if she becomes the figurehead of the Republicans, I will truly fear that America will be reverting backwards under her leadership. I've been reading The Advocate a lot recently and they've had some great articles about Bachmann's stance on equal rights for all Americans. Take a peek at this:

It boggles my mind at how ridiculous she is. If elected, she would bring this back? What has she to gain from Don't Ask, Don't Tell being re-instated? Not only would it squash equal rights for a group of people, it would be an embarrassment for America and a giant step backward. Politicians seem to think that American policy is one big game, and that they can shape America into the land that they desire, not what the people want. Bachmann has even openly stated that she would not endorse gays serving in the White House under her administration. Sorry, but did I fall asleep last night and awaken back in the Dark Ages? Pathetic. 

It's truly upsetting that we have these figures representing our government and our people. Whether or not she is elected to represent the Republicans, just the mere fact that she holds a prominent political position is depressing. America's torch for being in the forefront of the world stage is quickly diminishing, and politicians like Bachmann are just adding more water to the flame. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our New Sixth Sense?

I figured that this would become a self-deprecating post where I discuss my recent bout of alcoholism and my inability to consume any food (is it because I'm poor, or too lazy to cook?), however I thought up something better to write about while riding the subway this afternoon. 

Last night after perhaps three drinks too many, I left my friends at the super late hour of eleven and wandered off to meet up with one (un)lucky individual. I'm not sure if it was my obsessive drunk tweeting, my shameless texts to some friends, or my inability to charge my phone throughout the day, but my phone died upon arrival to said destination. Luckily, that wasn't at the forefront of my mind because my friend had a Big Mac waiting for me once I got off the Green Line as though it were Christmas morning. Once I wolfed that down it didn't take long before I was passed out in a drunken stupor.

After a delicious Korean lunch in Allston this afternoon I embarked on the bus back home to Somerville without my phone working, with no iTouch, and sans book. As I sat there staring at the faces around me, which were glaring down at phones and devices of all assortments, I realized that our connectivity has become our culture's new sixth sense. We've evolved and adapted these devices into our lives as though they were new appendages on our bodies.

And when you find yourself with a dead phone, you realize just how strange it feels to be cut off - as though you've lost this sense of yours to the world around you. Without my phone for the night and most of the afternoon I realized that I had no idea if anyone was trying to contact me (of course no one was), if I had received replies to e-mails (I didn't), or what my fellow friends (and random people I don't know, like Deena from Jersey Shore) were up to by checking Twitter. What if someone was calling me to go on a super-fun trip to an amusement park or to inform me that I'd just won this amazing prize that had to be redeemed within the hour, but I was unable to get it because of my dead phone?! I'd been cut off, with my connected sense dead to the world around me. 

Of course my situation wasn't nearly as dire as I made it out to sound, but I believe that there is an emptiness that you can feel when you are cut off from connectivity. And it pains me to realize all of this because I had always thought of myself as being able to conquer feelings of dis-connectivity. But alas, I am also shackled by the norms of society, man.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Spicy Showdown

Last night, my adventures in cooking proved to be both pricey and nearly inedible. It all started a few days prior when my Korean friend and I planned to hang out Thursday night and cook a Korean dish together. He'd never made it before, so I knew it would be a cooking adventure, but at what magnitude I couldn't say.

We began the day meeting at a Korean market near Central Square and purchased some ingredients. When we got to the counter and saw the $35.00 price tag for our goods, we both looked at each other and realized that it would have been cheaper to have gone to a restaurant and had someone else make this dish for us. But we shelled over the money and went home to prepare the dish.

I, of course, proved to be useless in the kitchen. The recipe called for a lot of chopped and cut vegetables, of which I half-assed. I struggled with cutting a sweet potato, and it took me nearly ten minutes and a lot of tears to get through an onion. After that I poured myself a mixed drink and sat back and watched, all the while getting a bit drunk.

My friend continued to make the food which consisted of mixing this spicy/sweet sauce and cooking it together with chicken, vegetables, and noodles in a pan. Everything seemed to go alright until we ate the finished product and found that our meal was extremely spicy, and that neither of us really enjoys spicy foods.

Being a bit drunk, my first few bites didn't seem to be very spicy to me, so I made the huge mistake of putting some all together in a bowl, plopping down at the table, and going all-out on it (I hadn't eaten all day so I was starving). A minute later, my mouth was an inferno and I felt that if I had taken another sip of my mixed drink I would have been spitting fire. And I wasn't about to pour myself a glass of milk - milk mixed with alcohol and spicy Asian foods in my stomach did not seem like a good idea. In the end, we picked at it and probably finished about half the pan (with some help from my roommate thankfully).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bostonian Plan

Alright, so I was coming back from a job interview this morning and riding the T and a brilliantly fun idea popped into my head. As the train was crossing over the Charles River I spotted a Duck Boat in the river filled with excited (and stupid) tourists. I myself have never been on a Duck Boat, and I actually think it would be a pleasant experience and want to make it happen sooner rather than later.

So my plan is to find someone to ride on a Duck Boat with me and make a day of it - only we must pretend that we are tourists and create a whole new persona. I was thinking of finding some ridiculous university - like the University of Alabama - and creating a southern persona. And don't forget the outfit - I'll need to make sure I don some tourist attire, said college t-shirt, and have a giant camera dangling on my neck.  We will make remarks about how wonderful the city is, and ride the T as though we just time traveled back to the Bronze Age and have no idea how to cope. And obviously we must ask for directions from both citizens and MBTA employees alike!

Double props if the persona turns out to be British. I'd give absolute kudos to anyone who could pretend to be an Asian tourist, for I don't think I can biologically pull that off.

This could be a real experiment into what it's like to be a tourist in Boston!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sorry for my week-long absence from this blog. This past week I moved into my new apartment and it turned out to be more convoluted than I had hoped, having made a few baby moves over the period of the week. But as of yesterday, my bedroom is all set up and the apartment itself is quickly coming together.

I bought a wooden poster frame from a woman off Craigslist and inserted my own Great Gatsby poster into it and hung it up the other day, and I can't get over how great it looks:

More substantial posts are on the horizon. I was reading an article on BBC today about China's remarks on the US credit rating downgrade and I had a few things to say about that - so rest assured - I will return anon.