Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Bostonian Plan

Alright, so I was coming back from a job interview this morning and riding the T and a brilliantly fun idea popped into my head. As the train was crossing over the Charles River I spotted a Duck Boat in the river filled with excited (and stupid) tourists. I myself have never been on a Duck Boat, and I actually think it would be a pleasant experience and want to make it happen sooner rather than later.

So my plan is to find someone to ride on a Duck Boat with me and make a day of it - only we must pretend that we are tourists and create a whole new persona. I was thinking of finding some ridiculous university - like the University of Alabama - and creating a southern persona. And don't forget the outfit - I'll need to make sure I don some tourist attire, said college t-shirt, and have a giant camera dangling on my neck.  We will make remarks about how wonderful the city is, and ride the T as though we just time traveled back to the Bronze Age and have no idea how to cope. And obviously we must ask for directions from both citizens and MBTA employees alike!

Double props if the persona turns out to be British. I'd give absolute kudos to anyone who could pretend to be an Asian tourist, for I don't think I can biologically pull that off.

This could be a real experiment into what it's like to be a tourist in Boston!

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