Monday, August 15, 2011

Moving Bach-wards

One step forwards, two to three steps back for America. It seems that the game of politics is beginning to tear this nation apart. This was more than evident two weeks ago when the government failed to compromise on the debt issue until seconds before the deadline, causing global stocks to plunge, and lowering the credit rating of America. And the root of all that drama? Why, bipartisan arguing and both sides refusing to budge or compromise while going against the wants and needs of the very people they represent. I'm sure George Washington and our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves right now at how these "political parties" are dividing our nation.

What disgusts me more than that debacle last week is Michele Bachmann, who is quickly gaining influence. Her comments on family values and equal rights is appalling, and if she becomes the figurehead of the Republicans, I will truly fear that America will be reverting backwards under her leadership. I've been reading The Advocate a lot recently and they've had some great articles about Bachmann's stance on equal rights for all Americans. Take a peek at this:

It boggles my mind at how ridiculous she is. If elected, she would bring this back? What has she to gain from Don't Ask, Don't Tell being re-instated? Not only would it squash equal rights for a group of people, it would be an embarrassment for America and a giant step backward. Politicians seem to think that American policy is one big game, and that they can shape America into the land that they desire, not what the people want. Bachmann has even openly stated that she would not endorse gays serving in the White House under her administration. Sorry, but did I fall asleep last night and awaken back in the Dark Ages? Pathetic. 

It's truly upsetting that we have these figures representing our government and our people. Whether or not she is elected to represent the Republicans, just the mere fact that she holds a prominent political position is depressing. America's torch for being in the forefront of the world stage is quickly diminishing, and politicians like Bachmann are just adding more water to the flame. 



  2. she is such a joke and anyone who believes in her ideology is obviously an idiot who lives in bizarro-town, america.