Friday, August 12, 2011

Spicy Showdown

Last night, my adventures in cooking proved to be both pricey and nearly inedible. It all started a few days prior when my Korean friend and I planned to hang out Thursday night and cook a Korean dish together. He'd never made it before, so I knew it would be a cooking adventure, but at what magnitude I couldn't say.

We began the day meeting at a Korean market near Central Square and purchased some ingredients. When we got to the counter and saw the $35.00 price tag for our goods, we both looked at each other and realized that it would have been cheaper to have gone to a restaurant and had someone else make this dish for us. But we shelled over the money and went home to prepare the dish.

I, of course, proved to be useless in the kitchen. The recipe called for a lot of chopped and cut vegetables, of which I half-assed. I struggled with cutting a sweet potato, and it took me nearly ten minutes and a lot of tears to get through an onion. After that I poured myself a mixed drink and sat back and watched, all the while getting a bit drunk.

My friend continued to make the food which consisted of mixing this spicy/sweet sauce and cooking it together with chicken, vegetables, and noodles in a pan. Everything seemed to go alright until we ate the finished product and found that our meal was extremely spicy, and that neither of us really enjoys spicy foods.

Being a bit drunk, my first few bites didn't seem to be very spicy to me, so I made the huge mistake of putting some all together in a bowl, plopping down at the table, and going all-out on it (I hadn't eaten all day so I was starving). A minute later, my mouth was an inferno and I felt that if I had taken another sip of my mixed drink I would have been spitting fire. And I wasn't about to pour myself a glass of milk - milk mixed with alcohol and spicy Asian foods in my stomach did not seem like a good idea. In the end, we picked at it and probably finished about half the pan (with some help from my roommate thankfully).

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