Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wait, I'm Supposed to Work?

I forgot that the rest of the world wakes up and gets on its feet significantly earlier than I do. Lately my bedtime has creeped farther from midnight while my wake-up time has slipped closer to noon. Granted, in my defense last year while teaching I would fall asleep around eight o'clock at night and often woke up before six. But now while I am slumbering away in my beauty sleep, I forgot that the worker bees are abuzz with bizz-ness.

This was pointed out to me this morning as I made a non-so secret pass of papers with my friend. I have a job interview today but I had no spare resumes (or a printer), so I asked my friend who lives nearby to print me out some copies and I would meet her on the subway as she went to work and we'd perform a hand-off. That was all fine in my head, until my alarm went off at 8 o'clock after having went to bed around three.

The second I left my house I saw people filing down the street headed to the subway station. Most were dressed in their worker clothes and consumed with their iPod. Even Porter Square station was buzzing with activity! There were newspaper vendors I had not seen before offering me papers, and even a police detail complete with a dog and table to check the bags of random riders. Typically when I peruse down there in the mid-afternoon all I get are grumpy stares from the lone T-worker on duty.

After making the pass-off and trudging back up the ten-story escalator to the surface, I realized my flip flops, gym shorts (when I wasn't planning on going to the gym), and t-shirt stood out like a sore thumb against all of the "biz-casual" types around me. And then on my walk back to my place I ran into two friends who reminded me that not everyone has the luxury to be a bum all day like me. And after getting back home and not being able to fall back asleep, I decided all I could do was write a boring blog entry about my already-exciting morning!


  1. hey, at least you got something done. i hope you went right back to bed after writing this!

  2. I did indeed go right back to sleep, though it wasn't very good sleep :(

    And the interview was alright, but it was for a sales-type phone job I don't think I would enjoy or be very good at. So, I'm not going to die if I am passed for it.