Sunday, August 21, 2011

Working on My Fitness

This past week I did something I never thought I would resort to: I subscribed to a year-long gym membership. Albeit the membership fee was relatively cheap, but I still don't see how I'm going to schlep myself there on a regular basis without forcing myself into some sort of fitness regime which would make it so that my OCD mind couldn't NOT go each day.

Thursday was my first day "scoping" out the gym. I went with my friend (who also got a membership with me), but he quickly found ways to occupy his time and fitness while I fluttered around. My first stop was the cycling machine, where I sat peddling uphill for ten minutes while awkwardly trying to get the TV on the machine to turn on (with no luck). The cycling machines are in the front of a few rows of treadmills, and I felt as though all the runners were watching me and judging - even though the signs plastered everywhere say it is a "judgement free zone!" I awkwardly got off and then headed into the back of the pack.

On the treadmill I found my niche. Of course, I hate running. So, I plugged in a moderately-paced uphill course for myself on a ten minute timer and set off speed-walking through half an episode of Wheel of Fortune, yelling out jeers at the ridiculously stupid contestants and calling out letters, forgetting I was in a public space. I ended up taking two spins on the treadmill, with a weight lifting sesh in between. The second bout on the treadmill ensued in even more boisterous behavior. Seinfeld was on at the point and I was cracking up as I speed-walked between two sweating runners. No judgement.

The weight machines were the real icing on my cake. I sat at numerous machines awkwardly reading the "how to" descriptions and trying to hold the bars and handles the correct way. Clearly my year-long stint in high school PE class didn't teach me anything...had I paid attention in the weight room. I finally got the hang of some of the upper body machines (the only ones I'm really interested in - see photos of my chicken arms for reasons why) and gritted through some reps. Wow, nice word usage (THANKS!). I did some curls, shoulder presses, and other tricep things that left me sore and cranky. Of course I was lifting no more than ten pounds at a time, and taking long breaks between reps.

So, the million dollar question: when am I going to head back?

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