Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grab Ya Bags

Doing a bit of a grab bag sort of post where I'm just going to throw a bunch of unrelated things at you that I want to comment on or point out. It's almost like this is my terrible goodie bag to all of you readers out there that I'm handing out after an equally terrible part I presumably threw. Anyways...

My life has been all over the place lately. Even without a job, I find myself crunched for time. I also find it funny how quickly your life can change and how easily I find myself adapting to those changes, especially when I was so vehemently against change as a child. My life in Boston seems to shine a hundred times brighter than my Philadelphia life. I feel more energetic, more prone to do things, and I'm in a much better mood here than I was nearly all of last year. Sure the quick leave from Philadelphia has left me with a bit of a roadblock to push through, but it was certainly for the best and I don't regret the way it turned out.

Back in high school I was always mildly interested in peers who would bounce between relationships so quickly. Of course high school relationships were, for the most part, superficial, but it seemed there were always a handful of peers who would have a new boyfriend or girlfriend the moment they broke off with the previous suitor. And of course, there was me, who had never dated or been in a relationship all throughout high school, and perhaps a tad jealous that others were able to not only hold relationships, but also find new ones so quickly. But now I find that trend moving into my life. Not that I'm actively looking for relationships or  that I'm simply bouncing between them superficially, but at least for the past two years now I've been in and out of relationships - something that I had never before experienced. I'm not trying to say that I should install a turn-style in my bedroom, but I'm merely commenting that perhaps people (or perhaps simply me) reach their optimal dating age at different periods of their life, and mine is simply in full swing now.

Speaking of relationships, while at my friend's this weekend I was caught up on some of the latest episodes of Degrassi, and ruling out the characters that I didn't recognize, I was hooked on some of the story lines even after missing a season and a half of episodes. Not much interests me with the characters, but being the loser that I am, I'm going through seasons 10 and 11 simply to watch all of the Riley and Zane related episodes. Now the real question to ask myself is, am I watching them because of the gay-related romance between the two, or because Zane is Asian? That's a tough one to answer...

And finally, to close out, we touch upon the MTV Video Music Awards. Normally I don't pay attention to this "music" event and I rarely watch it (except for Lady Gaga's amazing performance of Paparazzi in 2009), but this year I happened to catch some segments of the VMAs mostly due to the fact that MTV strategically placed a high-octane episode of Jersey Shore right before the event began. Those devils! Anyway, I leave you with some parting words from Tyler Oakley on why the VMAs sucked this year:

This post really was all over the place and I guess it shows how scattered my brain is at (checking) 2AM. I'm off to sleep even though I have nothing to wake up for in the morning. This jobless life is starting to get a tad boring. Forget the need for cash - I just need something to do!

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