Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I've been doing a lot of thinking recently (by a lot I mean amusing thoughts when I'm lying in bed and can't sleep) about the future of my life. I've come to the conclusion that if it were possible I would truly aspire to be a stay-at-home wife. Make that a stay-at-home husband who takes care of the house, cleans, raises the children, and perhaps dabbles in history and professes at a local university part time. I believe I would be truly awesome at this job.

My first duty would be to care for the house and keep it clean. I feel this task would be simple as obsessively cleaning and keeping my bedroom looking like a museum is something that comes second nature to me. I find cleaning to be therapeutic and doing laundry, dusting, and cleaning bathrooms does not phase me. My one weakness would be the cooking department, and I would have to make tremendous strides in this area before my dream job can be attained.

The next duty would be to raise the children. While not working, I would be able to both save money on unneeded day care costs while at the same time being a stable face in my children's lives. The fact that I hate children hopefully won't get in the way of this task, but it certainly won't help. And if this were the case, I would not be one of those parents who pops the tykes down in front of the TV set all day while pigging out on chocolates and letting the house get destroyed.

I'm not sure I understand why society places family relationships so highly but doesn't enable average people to have the luxury of creating a stable home environment. For one thing, most families find both parents working while children are raised in day cares during their most nurturing years when they need their parents the most. Dual marital working habits also create stress and fractures in most relationships which must lend some account to the extremely high divorce rates that tear families apart. And last, jobs themselves do not enable families to have family tie - to simply be together, grow together, and enjoy time together.

Why is it that our society places such emphasis on work?


  1. Vinny this is my dream too! Think of all the time for reading, watching tv, and video games we would have! I will never understand why everyone is obsessed with finding their "dream job" and having some career. Why can't we just live to work and not work to live! -Adrienne

  2. I knew it was you before I even got to your name at the end!!!
    Imagine not having to wake up at a dictated time, or having to wear "professional" dress just because someone tells you it's required to be worn for said job. Ridiculous. Society is too uptight! What the hell does professional even mean? If I don't wear a restricting and conforming suit then I'm no longer a "professional?" Do I even want to be one?