Thursday, September 8, 2011

Meet Crim

"There is a time of year in New York when, even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the seasons click. The air is crisp, the summer is gone. And for the first night in a long time, you need a blanket on your bed. It brings up other needs as well..."
Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City, 4.18)

Summer seems to be gone (at least for the time being). The sun's been gone for a few days now and the air is crisp and rainy. It's been the perfect "stay-at-home-watch-TV" sort of week, and having no job makes it easy to enjoy the rain and lounge around.

I bought a Beta fish last night. All the little Betas in their little cups made me want to buy them all, but then they would just fight and kill each other. I ended up picking out a cute little red fish who was noticeably smaller than the others. And after a bumpy car ride from Quincy back to Somerville, I decided to name him Crimson. Here is a picture of his new home (he's not in it because the water is oxidizing):

His new home is a giant lab flask that my friend got from work. I also bought a few bamboo stalks to give him some nutrients and some things to hide behind and interact with. He'll be moving into his new place later in the day.

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