Monday, September 19, 2011

Pit of Hell

I just got home from a morning spent at the RMV and I have to let off some steam with a little rant. I went to take my permit exam (which I passed) and while I had to wait a little over an hour to be served, that is not the basis for my annoyance.

It all started as I sat there, waiting. I was sitting nearby the counter and I could see and overhear people being helped by this woman at counter 21. At first I felt sympathy for the woman working there - she was a bit disheveled, and wore a too-tight bright pink hoodie that said 'Boston' or some seaside town's name on it. But after watching her deal with helpless customers, I began to find her rude and lazy. It all began when rolled through her numbers too quickly, so this old man came up to the counter as she was posting the number for the next person. Instantly she had two people to help, and little did she (or I) know, both had significant language barriers. The first was an old Chinese man who had not filled out his initial paperwork at all. The woman just kept repeating "you have to fill this out" over and over as if it would instantly click. I think he got the gist of it and walked off to write something down.

The other person was a young Hispanic woman also taking her permit test. She was holding her own until the vision test came and she didn't understand what the woman was telling her to read. She got to the final part where the RMV bitch said "do you see a bright green light and on which side?" and the girl had no idea what she was saying. The RMV woman just kept repeating it over and over getting ruder with each time. Finally some Hispanic guy translated, but by that point the machine had reset and there was no green light. BUT the RMV idiot didn't realize it and KEPT saying it, even when the girl told her "the screen is black!"

Once the Hispanic girl was taking her exam, the Chinese guy went back and he still didn't have the form completed. He had no idea what she was saying and he seemed like he spoke absolutely no English, nor could he read the form. I wanted to help him but my number was called and I booked it to the window. HOWEVER, after all was said and done and I took the test and was waiting to pick up my certified permit, I saw the old man wandering around looking so helpless. He must have seen me looking because he came over to me and just held up the paper shaking his head. I told him he had to put in his address and sign his name on the back but he didn't understand. I realized I could just do it for him so I tried to get a pen off the desk of one of the clerks who angrily said to me "excuse me sir, but there are pens in the back!" So I threw the pen onto his desk and stormed off. I filled in the old man's address from his expired ID and put a fake signature/squiggle line on the back and told him it was okay.

I know the RMV is a miserable place, and probably even a worse place to work, but a little respect and helpfulness for those who need it isn't much to ask. If you don't like to deal with people, then get out of customer service work.

And in other RMV news, I took the permit test and it was absolutely simple. However, there were FOUR questions on it about penalties for operators under the ages of 18 and 21. I realize that most people who take it are teens looking to get into a car quickly, but those questions were not applicable to me. For example, one question said something along the lines of "what is the penalty for a junior operator under the age of 18 driving between the hours of midnight and 5AM?" Luckily almost all the "penalties" involve a 60 day suspension, so I guessed correctly, but still. They need separate exams for people over 21.

Anyway, drivers in the area - WATCH OUT, I'll be on the road!

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  1. Reading about you helping that elderly gentleman made me smile. :)