Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pursuit of Happiness

The happiness you get from being with someone you truly care about is much greater than any satisfaction that having a good job can bring.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Peaches and Cream

If this quote is true, this man should be impeached and removed from office for not doing his duty, which is representing the people of the United States. Clearly politicians are doing something wrong, since our whole society seems to be stagnating and/or failing right about now. American needs to reform and change our two party system, where politicians put party needs before the needs of the people. When will America have a government that is legitimately for the people? 


Look around you and see what in your mind should become priorities for the US government.

Driving last night I passed a subway train that was equipped with only one headlight. The very road I was riding on was riddled with deep potholes and raised sewer caps. Earlier I passed a subway bridge that was literally crumbling from the bottom up. I wait daily on subway platforms with hundreds of other people during rush hour while trains are delayed because the cars are so old they become disabled. Get with it people, the infrastructure in our country is failing and yet we're more concerned with who wins Dancing with the Stars and watching Michael Jackson tributes.

We're living in a society where sub-par service is overlooked, and where paying a small fortune for a college degree has become the norm, and most don't even think twice about it. I haven't been following the Occupy Wall Street movement very extensively, but I'm hoping it leads to something. However, maybe I've become a bit jaded. In the US, a nation that values freedom of speech, it seems that protesters are almost always shed in a negative light by the media, and when politicians deem enough is enough, they send in the police, which have a record of being more brutal than police in other countries. But why is it that protests in America are seen as "grassroots" and "granola crunchy" and thus shed in a bad light?

Regardless, it seems that President Obama has his priorities on straight. Instead of focusing on blatant human rights issues such as the right for all citizens of this nation to marry, or focusing on the Wall Street protests which are speaking out against government spending, corporations that influence politics and hold too much currency, and super-sized college loan bills, he's taking time from his busy schedule to focus on honoring sports: Obama Honors Chicago Bears. Sounds about right.