Thursday, December 1, 2011

Money Honey

I went to a gay club a few nights ago with a group of friends and had this experience that was very minimal, but has been haunting me now for days. This particular night I wasn't drinking, and hadn't pre-gamed at all before going to the club. But once I got there I realized I might as well order at least a beer to hold in my hand and perhaps loosen me up a bit (it didn't). I went over to the bar and ordered a Bud Light. Literally three seconds later the beer was in front of me and I paid. After I paid I thought that I wouldn't leave a tip because first of all, the bartender didn't do anything but crack the beer open for me, second I'm jobless and poor and at least he is making a salary (however minimal), and third that there are hundreds of guys here who will come and order drinks all night long and tip him way better than I'd be able to. So I didn't.

As I went to walk away, he tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and he said something like "at this bar we tip, so if you're not going to tip than go to one of the others." The bastard. And this is what gets me: I was so stunned by this and taken off guard that I threw down a dollar bill onto the bar. Replaying this in my head, I wish I had had some snide remark such as "Okay, I will!" and walked off smiling. But no.

That club is disgusting anyway. It's always filled with old men and rejects who can't even get someone to take home for a one-night stand. They watch you dance like pieces of meat, and the ones who do choose to dance get in your personal space and all you want to do is tell them to back off. Not to mention that many of the old creeps try and touch your butt. Who the hell do they think they are!? That's what bothers me about the "gay lifestyle" - what makes it okay for you, a complete stranger, to try and touch my (or my boyfriend's) ass? We're not pieces of meat and we're not promiscuous. We're trying to dance and enjoy ourselves. So what makes it okay for you to think we like to be felt up? (I'm saving that argument for another post...)

Ugh, that place makes me so angry! I'd never go back but they always play Top 40 music and it's so close to my apartment...


  1. are you kidding me?! YOU ARE NEVER REQUIRED TO TIP WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!! I always have similar experiences Vinny....the other day I was at Cumberland Farms in Winthrop (never again) and this drug addled trashy loser watched as the cashier gave me a bunch of ones as change ...and proceeded to ask me if I could spare a dollar...I was so taken aback that I just threw a dollar bill on the counter and ran off....why couldn't I just walk away!!! we need to be more assertive lol

    and why do people always assume that the gays are so "sexual" and willing to sleep with anyone who gives them attention?! people are so misguided

  2. if they like what they see, many would wanna reach out and grab it... i mean i would