Sunday, January 8, 2012

Worse Than Convicts?

"Santorum Says Gay Parents Worse Than Convicts"
Where is the line drawn between this political nonsense and complete bigotry? And why would we choose someone so close minded to be in one of the most powerful positions in the world? How does the media not highlight the offensive nature behind these comments made by big-name politicians? If you were to omit "gay" and fill in "black," "Asian," etc. into the phrase, people would be up in arms.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Voter Turnout

I'm aware that I live in America, the "land of the free" and a nation that values and protects an individual's democratic values and rights. However, there is one thing I'm not ashamed to say: I NEVER vote (for the president), and I don't see myself turning out in the foreseeable future.

The main reason? Because an individual's vote is not representative of who is elected.

Take for example these caucuses and primaries. Why is it that certain "swing states" basically have more of a voice and more of a decision that other states? Why is it that we allow states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, among others, to have such a strong voice in politics? Why do politicians hit these states hard but rarely come to a state that they know they won't win? If they basically give up on state's that will never turn in their favor, then why are we still one unified nation? Why not split into two countries: one of red states and one of blue states?

And speaking of red and blue states, another main reason why I don't vote is because of the "electoral college" nonsense. If this were a true democracy, or as true as we can get in this day and age, then why not allow the popular vote to reflect the electoral outcome? I've never understood this. Who cares if one state's population is larger than another's - if the vote of each citizens truly counts, that shouldn't matter. Basically, since I live in Massachusetts, no matter who I may vote for, my state will always turn blue, and simply put my vote doesn't count.

And the last reason is this bipartisan nation we live in: why does everything have to be black and white? It's become evident that Republicans and Democrats argue and disagree with laws and social impacts just to disagree! Why hasn't any other party gained a foot in Congress? If you look to the UK, Canada, or other nations with similar governments as ours, there are numerous parties present in government, working together to enact change and getting a lot more accomplished than they do up on Capitol Hill.

Lunchtime Bully

Absolutely embarrassing that this man is so close to being the nation's president. Topic of discussion aside, he sounds like a high schooler arguing over the lunch table in the cafeteria. Sad.

I guess he got booed off the stage after that - good!
Just wish that had made it to this video clip...

One Last Thing...

This is sort of a follow-up post to the one that I just posted moments ago (see below first?) because I'm delving more into recent news articles and getting myself into an unnecessary earlybird morning rant.

It's just that American politics embarrass me; it just seems as though politicians in this country make a mockery of the nation and our democratic values. On one hand, you have a nation founded on representation of the people, yet you find politicians who remotely listen to their constituents. And many of these old men remain in positions of power far past their time of usefulness (if they ever had it). What's left are men who argue and push for change that benefits their "party" and not the nation, the people, or society.

The Resident just gets me:

A few examples? How about the various threats of government shutdown because Congress can't agree on issues of funding? Or the failure or certain politicians to sign bills that would help society without appropriate amendments for oil pipelines?

But what's worse are the politicians who bring their religious beliefs into the mix, and let's face it, nearly all of the big ones do. The up-for-grab Republicans of 2012 speak of religious and god in nearly every speech - just watch the Rick Perry TV spot that's gotten so many negative hits. I'm sorry, but I didn't realize I was living in medieval Europe - didn't we agree to separate religion and politics?

But no - we still have people who wish to deny marriage to certain groups of people because their religion defies marriage between a man and a woman. Again I'm sorry, but how does that affect the nation? We don't all believe in God, nor will we all be getting married in a church, or look for the approval of religious leaders or politicians.

Just what is the politicians job in this sense? They need to enact laws that are best to serve society - and seeing that LGBT people make up more than 10% of it, I'd call it bigotry (as the article previously posted did) to outright deny a group of people something that will better their lives at the expense of no one.

I'll just post this and then peace out:

For and Against

A bad stomach ache has me up right now at 5AM, but at least I'm sitting here trying to catch up on some news rather than lay in bed with the false hope that sleep will surely come (and not). What I enjoy most is when I read an op-ed piece that nearly word-for-word connects to exactly how I feel.

I give you A New Way to Challenge Antigay Politics. Some great talking points of the piece:

Just in the past month we’ve had Rick Santorum (Google that name, please) telling us he’d “invalidate” our legal marriages via a constitutional amendment (as if the president had that power). Newt Gingrich has likened sexual identity to so-called lifestyle choices such as celibacy. Ron Paul is hiding behind the mantra of “Let’s leave things like marriage to the states” (“states’ rights!”) while two-facedly reiterating that he supports the federal Defense of Marriage Act (which defines for the states what the federal government will recognize when it comes to marriages).

Every election cycle we say “This one is more important than ever.” We’ve become immune to it; some of us are even immune to paying attention. It’s dangerous because this past year we’ve achieved such critical victories — on the marriage equality front and an end to over a decade of the official bigotry of “don’t ask, don’t tell” — that our enemies are now fighting even harder. To be sure — and this is really important — our allies and enemies cannot always be identified simply by whether they have a big (D) or (R) after their name. And, indeed, we do ourselves a disservice by marching blindly in lockstep behind one party.

I think I'll give this web show a looksie when it starts to broadcast. If you go to HereTV you can watch a short preview clip of the what's in store and what the host aims to do. Being seemingly bashed constantly from Republicans/politicians makes me angry, but then again I try my best to shrug it off since politics in this country will never leave me satisfied.

I'm off to lay in bed and watch last night's Jersey Shore :)