Friday, January 6, 2012

For and Against

A bad stomach ache has me up right now at 5AM, but at least I'm sitting here trying to catch up on some news rather than lay in bed with the false hope that sleep will surely come (and not). What I enjoy most is when I read an op-ed piece that nearly word-for-word connects to exactly how I feel.

I give you A New Way to Challenge Antigay Politics. Some great talking points of the piece:

Just in the past month we’ve had Rick Santorum (Google that name, please) telling us he’d “invalidate” our legal marriages via a constitutional amendment (as if the president had that power). Newt Gingrich has likened sexual identity to so-called lifestyle choices such as celibacy. Ron Paul is hiding behind the mantra of “Let’s leave things like marriage to the states” (“states’ rights!”) while two-facedly reiterating that he supports the federal Defense of Marriage Act (which defines for the states what the federal government will recognize when it comes to marriages).

Every election cycle we say “This one is more important than ever.” We’ve become immune to it; some of us are even immune to paying attention. It’s dangerous because this past year we’ve achieved such critical victories — on the marriage equality front and an end to over a decade of the official bigotry of “don’t ask, don’t tell” — that our enemies are now fighting even harder. To be sure — and this is really important — our allies and enemies cannot always be identified simply by whether they have a big (D) or (R) after their name. And, indeed, we do ourselves a disservice by marching blindly in lockstep behind one party.

I think I'll give this web show a looksie when it starts to broadcast. If you go to HereTV you can watch a short preview clip of the what's in store and what the host aims to do. Being seemingly bashed constantly from Republicans/politicians makes me angry, but then again I try my best to shrug it off since politics in this country will never leave me satisfied.

I'm off to lay in bed and watch last night's Jersey Shore :)

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