Friday, January 6, 2012

One Last Thing...

This is sort of a follow-up post to the one that I just posted moments ago (see below first?) because I'm delving more into recent news articles and getting myself into an unnecessary earlybird morning rant.

It's just that American politics embarrass me; it just seems as though politicians in this country make a mockery of the nation and our democratic values. On one hand, you have a nation founded on representation of the people, yet you find politicians who remotely listen to their constituents. And many of these old men remain in positions of power far past their time of usefulness (if they ever had it). What's left are men who argue and push for change that benefits their "party" and not the nation, the people, or society.

The Resident just gets me:

A few examples? How about the various threats of government shutdown because Congress can't agree on issues of funding? Or the failure or certain politicians to sign bills that would help society without appropriate amendments for oil pipelines?

But what's worse are the politicians who bring their religious beliefs into the mix, and let's face it, nearly all of the big ones do. The up-for-grab Republicans of 2012 speak of religious and god in nearly every speech - just watch the Rick Perry TV spot that's gotten so many negative hits. I'm sorry, but I didn't realize I was living in medieval Europe - didn't we agree to separate religion and politics?

But no - we still have people who wish to deny marriage to certain groups of people because their religion defies marriage between a man and a woman. Again I'm sorry, but how does that affect the nation? We don't all believe in God, nor will we all be getting married in a church, or look for the approval of religious leaders or politicians.

Just what is the politicians job in this sense? They need to enact laws that are best to serve society - and seeing that LGBT people make up more than 10% of it, I'd call it bigotry (as the article previously posted did) to outright deny a group of people something that will better their lives at the expense of no one.

I'll just post this and then peace out:

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