Friday, February 10, 2012

I Wonder...

Could someone press charges against Rick Santorum for his blatant discrimination?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"We the People"

I must add one more great article from today:
‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World
A great article about how the US Constitution is becoming less and less a model that other nations look to when drafting or amending their own. I also learned from it that it's a common practice to completely change or redraft a Constitution ever 19 years - so why has America's yet to be overhauled? The article also goes on to say that our Constitution is one of the most difficult to amend - not surprised there!

Some great quotes:
"The rights guaranteed by the American Constitution are parsimonious by international standards, and they are frozen in amber. As Sanford Levinson wrote in 2006 in “Our Undemocratic Constitution,” “the U.S. Constitution is the most difficult to amend of any constitution currently existing in the world today.” (Yugoslavia used to hold that title, but Yugoslavia did not work out.)"

"It has its idiosyncrasies. Only 2 percent of the world’s constitutions protect, as the Second Amendment does, a right to bear arms."

“America is in danger, I think, of becoming something of a legal backwater,” Justice Michael Kirby of the High Court of Australia said in a 2001 interview.

How DO They Get Elected!?

Louisiana Congressman Mistakes Onion Story for Factual News
Representative John Fleming, a Republican from Louisiana mistakes a satirical Onion story for truth, in what I would call a show of humiliation.One seriously needs to ask how the people of the United States continues to elect and support such idiots to political offices. I cannot wait for the day when the younger generations move the older people in power now out and change this nation, and revert the damage that religiously overzealous Republicans and southerners have wrought.

I was thinking last night as I sat in front of the computer reading some news: I need to make it a bucket list addition to vandalize the graves of these so-called "politicians" when they expire. For example, I'll make it my dying effort to find Rick Santorum's grave and photograph a gay marriage being held right behind it.

The greatest quote ever:
Hudson Hongo, the brains behind Literally Unbelievable, said he finds it “extremely satisfying to see a politician being made the rube by just the kind of sensationalism (in this case satiric), that they seem so adept at manufacturing these days.”