Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right Click, Save As

Sorry that I've recently been utilizing this space to "SAVE" images and articles that I especially enjoy. I've had a writer's block in terms of creative output, and I never feel in the mood to rant about society or America - especially when I can find articles and images off Reddit that explain all of my feelings and sentiments so nicely :)

The US Prison System

‎"America, Land of the Free has always been a myth, but now it’s becoming something even worse: a lie. The majority of young people no longer believe it. Ask them. Your children no longer believe the textbooks you give them. The American Dream, too, is becoming a load of crap. Study hard and work harder, and you’ll most likely end up with nothing more than fatigue and a life-long mountain of student debt."

‎"The presentation also pointed out that the U.S. has never slowed, even a little bit, in its continuous creation of new laws. The disappearance of freedom in America is a process that has been going on for decades."

Reddit Gold

So simple, yet so difficult for so many Americans.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Couldn't NOT Re-Post

"Even as the Republican candidates fight to see who can get furthest to the right, acceptance of gay people and gay marriage in the United States is moving briskly along. Gallup finds support for same-sex marriage now at 53 percent, up from 40 percent in 2008...Just two decades ago most Americans said they didn't know anyone who was gay. Now only 22 percent say that — a remarkable level of change. Acceptance and visibility rise in tandem."

"Republican leaders know that opposition to same-sex marriage is strong in their base right now but that young voters support marriage equality overwhelmingly. They don't want to lose a whole generation."

"If the federal court decision holds up in California and gay marriage is restored there, then almost a quarter of Americans will live in states with marriage equality."

"That sound you don't hear — the absence of outrage over marriage rights, and gay spokespeople for middle-American companies — is the sound of social change."

Once-Loud Opposition to Gay Marriage Has Quieted (by David Boaz)

Kirk Cameron

Obviously Cameron and Baldwin do not represent all evangelicals. “Despite what Kirk Cameron said on CNN's Piers Morgan program, being gay is not unnatural, detrimental, or destructive to the foundation of civilization,” said Todd Ferrell, president of the Evangelical Network. "The church in large is part of the problem but has great potential to be a part of the solution. The church and Christianity have gotten off track by overemphasizing religious legalism and underemphasizing a relationship with God. They also are simply out of touch with where America is on equality. Churches across America are seeing lower attendance, and much of this has been attributed to their nonstop preaching against gays and lesbians.”

Kirk Cameron's Antigay Remarks: Celebrities Respond (The Advocate)

Friday, March 2, 2012

iPad America

Today I was taking the subway to work and it finally dawned on me how much I despise the iPad. There I was, standing on the train, and I look down at this man sitting next to me watching a TV show on his iPad. Now, I understand that the iPad does have some unique functions which makes it a strong asset to have, making it essentially a lightweight and more portable laptop. However, all I could see was the iPad becoming the "TV screen away from the TV" for Americans. Finally, I realized that the Wall-E depiction of Americans being enslaved by the boob tube isn't that far from reality.

And yes, I do have an iPod which I listen to while on the go, but usually I listen to my music and read a book at the same time. Watching a TV show seems to be in another category in my mind.

Need More Reasons?

An article from The Advocate, Indiana Lawmakers Working Hard to Trash Gay License Plate caught my attention earlier this week because Republicans in Indiana are working around the clock to try and ban license plates that support LGBT issues and funding that supports LGBT groups through the plates. Other plates are also in the cross hairs as Republicans "determine" that "enough is enough" with specialty plates - which provide the state and groups with additional (and probably much needed) funding.

What gets me angry is that once again Republicans are wasting both time and money to attack or put to rest something that is trivial. Are specialty plates hurting anyone? If there is a market for them, the state should pursue it. And again, it's the democrats who have the clearest head:

Rep. Ed DeLaney, D-Indianapolis, said that shifting the issue back to the legislature will insert politics into the specialty license plate process. "I am afraid in today's environment that we will use this as a device to attack certain groups," he said. "Look at the collateral damage. This bill will have a negative impact on people who support Marines, people who support military funerals, the zoo, perhaps the Special Olympics."

"I'm not willing to pay that price," DeLaney said. "I don't want to spend the next few years voting on license plates and having every hate group driving me crazy."

Reasons Why I Love (Hate) America

Thought I'd share some pictures that I stumbled across on the internet this week:

A wonderful example of just how terrible Rick Santorum is...

What's taking you so long, America?

Even though I hate voting, I will turn out for Obama.