Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kirk Cameron

Obviously Cameron and Baldwin do not represent all evangelicals. “Despite what Kirk Cameron said on CNN's Piers Morgan program, being gay is not unnatural, detrimental, or destructive to the foundation of civilization,” said Todd Ferrell, president of the Evangelical Network. "The church in large is part of the problem but has great potential to be a part of the solution. The church and Christianity have gotten off track by overemphasizing religious legalism and underemphasizing a relationship with God. They also are simply out of touch with where America is on equality. Churches across America are seeing lower attendance, and much of this has been attributed to their nonstop preaching against gays and lesbians.”

Kirk Cameron's Antigay Remarks: Celebrities Respond (The Advocate)

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  1. hahah i don't know why anyone would ever take him seriously.