Sunday, July 29, 2012

NBC's Olympic Coverage terrible!

Whenever the Olympics roll around, I always love watching the various events and praise NBC for having numerous channels and therefore a variety of events to watch. However, the people they get to do the commentary is just terrible. As I was watching the Lochte / Phelps race last night, I hated how the commentators and follow-up reporters who interviewed the two were creating such drama and rivalry between the two. While I am not a big Phelps fan, I did enjoy how he brushed off the reporter and didn't feed into her attempt to spark rivalry between his teammate.

And Ryan Seacrest / Meredith Vieira? Why are they there? Ryan Seacrest's pompous attitude ruins the coverage whenever he makes an appearance, not to mention the fact that he's trying to turn the athletes into celebreality. It's always nice to hear the athletes' stories, but I don't need a little bio film with him Q-and-Aing the family. I think I'll be flipping the channel whenever he makes an appearance... Meredith is another story - why is she even there? And how much work has that woman had done on her face?

Regardless, I'll continue to watch!

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  1. My gosh, the Olympics sound terrible to watch haha. I haven't been able to watch any of it and was thinking about giving it a try, but I'll just read about it instead. Thanks for the heads-up.